Imperical Tobacco Group employee walking along production line

This website is provided specifically for scientists with an interest in tobacco-related research although we hope it may also be useful to tobacco regulators and their agencies.

We currently have three centres of laboratory research. These are based in Hamburg, Germany; in Fleury Les Aubrais, France. We also have scientists who are based in our Head Office in Bristol, England. We carry out research on our products and some of this work has been presented publicly or published in scientific papers.

As part of the research programme that we carry out, we prepare relevant presentations and posters to give at scientific conferences. Although these have not been subject to external peer review, this website makes them publicly available. It also provides links to scientific publications in peer reviewed journals, including work co-authored by our scientists with external scientists.

The work has been categorised into from tobacco growing through to manufacture then on to assessment by both machine and human smoking, smoke analysis and finally to the biological effects of the smoke.

In addition, Imperial Tobacco own one of the most important tobacco seeds collections (Nicotiana gene bank) in the world.